Try to roll back my memory around a few month ago when I and my students join in story telling competition which held on Gedung BPKP Banjarbaru. I do as my best as an English teacher, of course with help of my partner Mrs. Putri Ariani to coach my student, Nur Annisa Septiani.

I coach her periodically instead of Nisa feels so boring telling the same stories again and again. It’s a long journey to make her fluent in English. I coach her everytime if I have time even her face was yelling “Oh no…training again….”.

We start our struggle from Kecamatan and Kabupaten Region. We are so proud and happy invited to Banjarbaru to join the competition in Province Level.

We prepared everything. From costumes, some dolls, and some pictures. We draw the pictures which sketch by Mr. Suhadi and colored by many teachers included me. In the night before the story telling competition begin. I coached her around 5 times just to make sure she is remembering the story and how she has to act.

Unluckily, when Annisa has to perform her story in front of the audience there. The board to put the pictures (pictures as media) is broken. It happens because we put the board on taxi and we don’t know how the taxi driver treats it. So, I held the board when she did the story telling.

Actually, I can say that Annisa’s performance is quite good. However, it still beyond expectation because she did some improvisation. Beside that, performer from Banjarbaru and Banjarmsin are very good. Their acting and their pronunciation are amazing. I think they have drama class in their school. But, there is something that make me so confuse even I felt disappointed with the judges. Why one performer that I considered she is so plain (she just using dolls as media) got the winner medal too.

I know as a new teacher maybe I don’t have enough knowledge how to evaluate story telling contest. However, I proud to my student because she has brave to perform in front of the audiences and most of all both of us got very valuable experience. By: HP


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